22/12/2021, By Rachel Jones

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If your lower back hurts after riding, a fix to your riding posture will rid after-ride back aches for good!

The main causes of having lower back pains after riding usually comes from having a bad sitting position or posture while on horseback.

This occurs when your shoulders are rolled too far forward and your entire upper body is slouching forwards too muchwhich puts strains to your lower back as it does everything it can to keep you balanced on the saddle.

If continues, you’ll not only be getting more than just a sore back after every ride. With continuous high-impact forces being sent to you lower back, you may suffer from chronic lower-back pains, musculoskeletal problems like joint or muscle injury.

Worst-case scenario, a prolapsed disc can occur where your spinal column can leak fluid and cause serious injury that can put an end to your riding career.

But practicing your perfect horse-riding posture can take a long time...

The only way that you can avoid after-ride back pains is to first improve your on-saddle posture on horseback, which can range from exercises you can do anywhere to promote flexibility and balance and help from your riding coach.

However, these methods can take a lot of time to improve your posture and a lot of money to ask your riding coach for advice. That’s why you need a back brace that not only eliminates after-ride lower back pain in the future, but also improve your on-saddle posture on horseback. And that is where the Equestorian Back Brace comes in!

What is Equestorian Back Brace?

The Equestorian Back Brace is a new take on the conventional horse-riding back brace that helps you achieve your perfect horse-riding posture and prevents after-ride lower back pains for good!

The shoulder straps are designed to pull your shoulders back and stretch your chest muscles out to help you assume the correct posture as if you are sitting on the saddle.

The back brace’s Hollowback™ technology introduces a pair of steelbars, 39 cm in length, to keep your entire length of your spine to be straight and upright, but still maintaining the natural curved shape of your spine to better absorb the impact of harsh maneuvers such as jumps and vaults.

How is it different from other riding braces?

While conventional riding back braces are great tools to help improve our performance in horse-riding, these back braces are only treated as cures to alleviate after-ride back pains and is seen only as lumbar or upper-torso support.

The back brace is engineered to not only give ample support to your lower back, but it also focuses on correcting your upper body posture on the saddle at the same to prevent after-ride back pains.

" The Equestorian Back Brace is truly a life-changing device! It takes the strain off my back! "

The Equestorian Back Brace have become a huge impact to riders around the US and rid them from after-ride lower back pains!

Equestrians throughout the United States have shown at improving their horse-riding posture and also a decrease in after-ride lower back pains! 

From the results seen from them, it is important to note that the back brace is not a magic bullet to immediately relieve back pains and perfecting your posture. 


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